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The over whole scenario here is spending a luxurious and provocative intimacy with some super delicious sexy hot beautiful crockpots. All our escorts are unquestionably so very qualified to amuse to a life changing experience to all the awaiting privilege clients out there.The utmost and fore most motto of our escort services is clients satisfactions. Rest assured your search for exotic pleasure ends here, with our erogenous buddies. Our unmatchable flawless Female escorts services in Bangalore with their ravishing identities and astonishing converse will be pleased to serve you your preferences to cloud nine. Certainly all the lovely ladies are skilled at their our heights of escort services. As said well, that nothing is free in this world ! Similarly even you will have to spent some extra bucks to enjoy more extra dose out of our escorts. Well now where it is subjected to the pay&park idea of enjoying romantic sex , allow me to clear your view as here it also benefits you the satisfaction both physically & mentally. Simply keep a simple key in mind while approaching any fleshy bone, that each an every woman across the globe always prefers a man who looks rough and who behaves tough and who smells seductive and all the rest will be taken care by our sizzling experts.Mark my words that our Top Class escorts in Bangalore will amaze you with their aptitude and glamorous services. Try out our upscale services with our alluring escorts once and you’ll make us the final destination to your desired fantasy. Lastly to make all this a larger view to avail our sexual services , which I would love to share of some clients compliments about our escorts and their faultless services catered to our elite clients.

  • Hiring the escorts service with these curvaceous beauty’s was a remarkable experience. Though paid but I enjoyed like a casual romantic but rowdy sex with you jus met someone,rather I would say that my former experience with other so called escorts was time waste and meaningless.
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! Introducing Escorts point !


Now allow me to introduce the redefined escorts to all out there about our independent escorts service exclusively available for all the elite class across the globe, we as a group of 5hot shot young babes addressed in an very well known intellectual city named Bangalore; Blooming with our individual Bangalore escort service business. Generally to mislead the clients many upload fake information on theirs site regarding no middleman between escort and client, but we are firmly assuring that we are heading our business without any agent/broker/mediator and so on. Services usually doesn’t mean just to have sex…… Rather a lot lot lot more than one can even imagine the ultimate thrill in life. Being a committed companion to the client for that particular intimate moment matters a lot for the protocol of an upscale independent escort . Below are the detailed information about myself and and my group friends catering clients with firm and confident professional attitude towards this work. All of us are from different backgrounds and also different educational streams. No more or less now we are same of a kind colleagues or a team . 


! Journey With Escorts point !

Before I start my virtual exotic tour with you guys about our few classy clients, let me share here my ultimate perception about intimacy in very simple words :

A Stranger will undress her.

A Lover will respect her.

A Gentleman will do both.

FYI :< Silence Is Seductive!

Myself Reshma Pandit, heading this upscale individual independent escort group of total 5head counts including me in a vast and beautiful city called Bangalore.

We are all very strong individual Bangalore independent escort , yet are much able to interact well and understand the requirements of the fellow client. Though some times it’s dangerous and hard enough if the clients gets violent and forces to do things that you might not want to do it. Being an independent escort does require much more of marketing of our services, look well groomed, being well educated, Protection should be always within our reach, health maintenance is a priority for both escort as well as client, last but not the least strictly no strings attached with clients ever. Safety is very upmost important for us and client too. Enjoy the date for the time being simply because we love to do so and just not as getting paid for the services catered. Money should never transfer actual hands as its so called donation kind for the services given, it must be tactfully offered within the four walls or vice versa. Even though being an independent escort it isn’t an easy job at all. Like all other job , it has its own benefits and drawbacks even. The fact that it is a very personal kind of profession/career. One gets paid for something they love doing it either ways, like feeling sexy all the time, getting a paid pampered, can select own working hours, least one can Date a man and have absolutely no committed strings attached later. Lots of young females are into this profession fully or partially to earn some extra bucks for their requirements in particular to their dream come real. Like wise even we enjoy the idea of being a intimate companion and get paid for the same. Certainly we are into this escorts profession both for fun as well as extra money. We all the escorts are friends from early 20’s, initially we had experienced few dating sites and exchanged referrals from each other. We did enjoyed a lot exploring our desires , meeting different people with different lifestyles and also few stereotypes too living an alternative lifestyle. Being active in sex life made a bit comfortable to get us all started on Bangalore escorts profession with no regrets at allllllll. As a carer , We see the positive affect that we all have on our individual clients. We have seen many of them grew more confident, we actually love that they are given a nonjudgmental space to be themselves and explore . Sex is fascinating to every individual, and so same with us too. We all love freedom and traveling . Even we all are aware towards our other needs and family responsibilities fulfilled . Also we friends are now like a family. Lastly in simple sentence I would define our services like “ Kissing Me Is Nice, But The Rest Of Me Is Paradise ! “

The fact is that being seductive is an addiction that can never ever be satisfied. Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape where Lust is a weak desire. Sensual is being in tuned with your own sexual self. On the other hand intimacy is not purely physical , rather it’s an art of deep connection with somebody to feel like you can see through their soul even. Well I guess, I wouldn’t say it sexy , but romantic…… One must never underestimate the power of a decent vocabulary. What we have experienced life is just like ultimate sex. One can either be back and let him screw you or you can get on the top to ride the hell out of him like the way he makes you gasp as he drills you. Babes prefers to be the tamed kitten to feed the wolf even when I know he is done , but I’ve to keep going . It’s just like the sweet taste of being dominated. Once just after my friend’s ( Erica Joseph ) departure from her appointment call, she received a complimentary text from that same client catered saying that “ No Matter How Much Ever Time Is Spend With You, I Can’t Get Enough Of You, I Want You Every Day And Every Night. “ I think will suffice you hunks to crave her for your dream fantasies to come true. Take my word men that she will certainly amaze you all with her dazzling sexy moves , keeping to engaged voraciously. But, I ( Reshma Pandit ) personally love the way my client build it up for me , when his touching turns into grabbing and my softy lips into passionate tongue… Making our both heartbeats go faster and faster and faster and faster and faster………. I want no ordinary lover , I want a fucking storm . I want my client to come near me with a erotic wild madness to give me sleepless nights and endless fun. I want somebody who can really make my entire body and soul to shiver not only from distance but also with talk to drag me closer to make me feel my all bones. The real man who can make me laugh in even scream in bed . My whole body should feel him When he is around me . The one who can touch me without using hands at all. Who would to figure me out through with my butt naked in bed along with a dreamer who crave me on top end. On the other hand my friend ( Chandni Singh ) loves being pampered , kissing , love bites all over her body, specially when a client kisses her hip bones and then each of her knees and thighs before placing her both the legs on his shoulders and gliding deep within her, simultaneously he should also scratch her luscious back, pulling her hair down to fuck her on face, she goes insane when he covers her mouth to go die hard real.Every woman is just a little shy as well as desperate to have a shaky , screaming out of breath, eyes rolling around , sheet grabbing , dripping wet like she’s having an exorcism type of orgasm. That deep choke stroke will make her cum harder with her legs crossed and feet locked behind your back. Well according to my another friend , a fitness freak ( Simran Kaur ) the best morning exercise is the cardio which ends in bed with an orgasm. The average female orgasm lasts four times as long as strong male just one. The best sex she ever had till now was with someone really older men ,, she shared . Usually woman’s only get active when they really want attention along with a dick deep within. Well for a change she enjoys rough night as well. She doesn’t mind getting cosy often with those privileged clients, who would love kissing her good morning between her two legs, pulling her down to beg him fuck her hard. All men’s dream to the wildest intimacy , I bet your search ends up right here. ASAP connect her to want it, spank it, lick it, squeeze it, kiss it, grab it, bite it, slap it, fuck it. Lastly this cutie pie not only favorite of all of us indeed of many clients too, ( Meesha Desai ) a very cute babe, typically Indian, a girl next door kind of. Mark my words and rest assured that mad passionate rigorous love can be experienced only at this end. A nice line said , that is, “ One Can’t Wrap A Mermaid Into A Box, But Definitely Into A Tight Tough Hug. “ Such impressive action tempts the lady to surrender into your arms. Well this seductive chemistry between both the escort as well as the client touches their mind to set fire for action to begin foreplay with cuddling of boobs and dick, ass grabbing and crushing, blow jobs and face cum and so on and on . Cause after a long tiring day an eye contact is much sexy as sensual fuck. While moving into hair , kissing around neck and playing with her pussy. Real men eat whole of pussy, but 69is the only real dinner for both of us to satisfy those intimate thrust. Mostly she just adores 69-Kamasutra She loves the hot wet sloppy head into pussy followed by his slow strokes to get me so compelled to fuck him back. All Bangalore independent female escorts go crazy for that men particularly who can make her ass bounce and lick her till she cums…..