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* Minimum Starter Course :-*

1)Dine With Cheers.
2)Magnet Smoooooch.
3)Hot Seat Cuddling.
4)Sloppy HandJob.
5)Fiery BlowJob.
6)Cum On Wish.
7)Upside Down Penetration.

*Maximum Main Course :-*

1) Dine With Cheers.
2) Deep French Kiss.
3) Cowgirl Cuddle Lock.
4) Herbivores RideJob.
5) Feet-full Massage.
6) Dick Scrubbing Job.
7) Furious Oral Cum.

*Ultimate Dessert:-*

1) Dine With Cheers.
2) Choke Throat Lip-lock.
3) Hovering Face Sitter.
4) Undraped 69.
5) H2O Ballet Dancing.
6) Omnivores Spork.
7) Kamasutra Fusion.

*3E Rajbhog*

1) Liquor Bathing.
2) Nude Dinner.
3) Fleshy Dessert.
4) Melon & Milk Sucking.
5) Crunchy BlowJobs.
6) Kamasutra 69 Combo.
7) Melting Massages.
8) Rock-Roll Drilling.
9) Degree Climax.

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    Reshma Pandit
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